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    About Us

    Hey! Glad you've taken an interest in learning a bit more about us at Shinplex!

    Btw if you've already bought a pair, we'd love to get your feedback! (see where we can improve or what you'd like to see) if you haven't... well... you already know what we're going to say 👊

    There's a great team over here at Shinplex HQ and we exist to make sure footballers are equipped professionally to tackle their season. We're obviously passionate about football, some of us are scientists, others ex players and some of us have represented Team GB on the international stage. 

    If there's one thing we know, it's that at the top level it's all about gaining the edge. Small improvements, day by day, habits, that build over time and differentiate the ones who make it from those who don't.

    Both you, our Shinplex™ wearing footballers and us are on the same page about shin pads. I mean, how many people do you know take off their shin pads at half time? or wear extra small ones because they hate the feel? Complain that it affects their game? I've even seen friends use folded socks as shin pads...

    That's why we made Shinplex™ - for ultimate performance. Using high-tech, next-gen material, we've come out of the labs with a shin pad that moulds to the shape of your shin so you can play without shin pads - you just won't know you're wearing them.

    We love it, players love it - if you haven't tried it there's a 30 day full money back guarantee so give it a crack.

    Sustainability is at the heart of what we do - we try our best to minimise our carbon footprint on this planet and we ask everyone play their part too 🤙

    Any questions or whatever the issue make sure to hit us up using the 'Contact Us' page or through

    Don't forget to check out the new Shinplex™ Pro Shin Pads by clicking 'SHOP' above 🔥

    The Shinplex team