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    We believe in solid protection for our ballers and our planet. It's why we work hard to reduce our carbon footprint and give back to our community.

    We don’t have much love for plastic (believe it or not) but keep reading and you'll see why we can say that. At home, we bring our own big reusable bags (you know the ones) to our local supermarket. We recycle. We say no to plastic bags and we avoid unnecessary packaging when we shop. At work, we’re always thinking about how we can ship more efficiently, minimise waste and reduce our company’s carbon footprint.

    Call it luck, or call it destiny, but Shinplex® is a 100% post-consumer recyclable Shin pad, thanks to the patented material. 

    We’re pleased Shinplex® is recyclablelight to ship, and BPA-free, but we want to do more. Instead of just compensating for the footprint Shinplex® inevitably leaves, what if we strived for a net-positive effect? What if we could help solve the problem of ocean plastic too?

    That's why we're teaming up with an ocean clean up team to save our ocean and clean our beaches! Stay tuned and watch out for our Special Shinplex® drops we'll be releasing, each with it's own % profits going towards helping our ocean clean up team. If you're subscribed to our newsletter you can help take part in this too.

    Until then, remember to recycle, take care of yourself and the earth you're sitting on right now.